"Iterations" at Edge Gallery

Opening reception, September 13, 2013, 6pm - 10pm

Edge Gallery, 3658 Navajo st, Denver CO 80211 (Fri 6-10pm, Sat/Sun 1-5pm)

Participating artists: Sara Doremus, Maureen Farr, Buzz Masters, Mark Friday, Deborah Jang, Dania Pettus (host artist)

For my rendition of Iterations, I incorporate fifty 3"x5” rectangular elements within several larger compositions. The wooden rectangles vary in color and placement to interact with each other and with the repurposed materials that characterize my mixed-media assemblage work. I am enchanted with the mysteries of objects past their prime, dimensionality, weathered surfaces, and the process of gathering and integrating ordinary materials into unordinary configurations.


 Below: "Hot and Cold" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013

Hot and Cold

 Below: "Perch" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013 


 Below: "XOX" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013 


 Below: "Low-hanging fruit" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013

Low-hanging Fruit

 Below: "Emerge" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013 


 Below: "All a-board" mixed-media assemblage © djang 2013 

All a-board